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Our pre-built spreadsheet is easy to use and beginner-friendly. With it, you’ll be able to analyze any property in less than two minutes so you can review lots of potential deals very quickly

Buying unprofitable properties because you didn't run the numbers?

Our calculator will run them for you and will immediately tell you if a deal is worth negotiating for or if it is a non-starter

Not knowing what to look at when searching for a "good" deal?

Our template includes all the most relevant measures and indicators used by professional real estate investors

Jumpstart your journey as a real estate investor

As a real estate investor, you will have to look at tens or hundreds of deals before finding the one that works for you. So you need to be able to quickly identify opportunities and tailor your offer to each situation in order to get a shot against other seasoned investors

Review More Properties

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With our rental property analysis spreadsheet, analyze rental investments in less than a minute and get a detailed assessment of a property’s potential

Multi-Family Analysis

Single & Multi-Family Analysis

Analyze both Single Family Houses and Multi-Family Properties


30-year forecasts

Rental income, Operating expenses, Net Operating Income, Debt service, Capex,  Cash Flow…


Profitability Analysis

Perform complex profitability analysis using more than 15 key financial indicators          (IRR, MIRR, EMx, CoC, Cap Rate, etc.)


Scenario Analysis

Automatically review the impact of multiple parameters on your profitability

Maximum Offering Price

Maximum Offering Price

Identify the maximum offering price to achieve your profitability target


Sale Date Optimization

Optimize your total return by selling your property at the right time


Transaction Reports

4 reports included: Summary Overview, Operating Expenses, Financing, and Debt Amortization Schedule

Custom Sheet & White Labeling

Custom Sheet & White Labeling

Tailor our template to your specific needs with our additional fully customizable sheet. You can also add your logo to our reports


Online Knowledge Base

Get access to an online knowledge database to help you source all the information you need


In Real Estate, money is made when you buy not when you sell so do the math before you close the deal

Advanced Investment Projections

Up to 30-year operational and financial projections, with flexible drivers and multiple parameters.

Detailed Cash Flow Forecasts

Calculate Rental Income, Operating Expenses and Cash Flows over the life of your investment

Profitability Analysis

Check your profitability using industry standards such as Cash on Cash Return, Cap Rate, Internal Rate of Return, etc.

Sale Date Optimization

Our model will let you know how to optimize your profit by selling at the right time

Debt Amortization Schedule

Track down your debt repayment on a monthly or yearly basis, over the life of your project

Principal vs Interest Payment

Determine how much goes towards principal repayment vs. interest

Total Cost of Debt

Know exactly how much your financing strategy is costing over the life of your investment

Key Debt Ratios

These mandatory ratios for lenders and financial partners (Loan To Value, Interest Coverage, etc…) 

Professional Reports

Easily print and share professional reports with investors, lenders, business partners and other professionals and get instant credibility as you advance in your real estate journey.

Summary Report

With all key assumptions, indicators and results

Financing Report

Snapshot of financing terms and lending ratios, a must-have for business partners and lenders

Expense Report

Detailed overview of your yearly operating costs, summarized in a clear and concise way

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Plenty of Summary Graphs

Get an overview of your deal and identify key takeaways in a second. Our graphs are easy to understand and easy to share:

Cash Flow Waterfall

Understand the transition from rent to cash flow

Property Value & Equity Build-up

Check your property’s value and its built-in equity year after year

Total Return Analysis

Visualize the value creation through Cash Flow, Property Appreciation and Principal Repayment 

Automated Scenario Analysis

Easily see how the profitability metrics of your deal are impacted by changes in key assumptions, including:

Changes in Purchase Price or Rent Level
Changes in Down Payment and Interest Rate
Changes in Operating Expenses
(Rule of thumb)

Maximum Purchase Price

Let our spreadsheet guide you in the negotiation process by estimating the maximum purchase price you can offer in order to achieve your desired profitability, using multiple financial indicators:

Minimum Cap Rate or Cash on Cash Return
Minimum Cash Flow
Minimum Internal Rate of Return

Multi-Family Analysis

Easily review large multi-family properties and apartment buildings with our Pro Version

Unlimited Number of Units

Review buildings of all sizes with unlimited units and up to 10 different types of unit

Detailed Per Unit Assumptions

Individual operating assumptions for greater customization and additional flexibility

Multi-Unit Report

Get a comprehensive overview of your portfolio with detailed data about all your units

And Much More!

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Purchase it once, and keep it forever! No membership, no hidden fee or additional charge! We pride ourselves to be one of the most affordable solutions for investors


Premium Support

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Free Updates

We update our spreadsheets frequently based on users’ feedback & requests.  All future updates come free of charge for our customers

Lines of Calculation
Years Projected
Financial Ratios & KPIs
Powerful Graphs
Professional Reports

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Great tool! Building it myself would have taken so much time so it made sense to get it. And it’s clearly more detailed than other tools and templates I’ve used in the past.


Visar A.

New York, NY

A big thank you for the spreadsheet. I have limited knowledge of excel and I was afraid I would struggle with this one but it is actually very easy to use, even for true beginners


Ana P.

Charlotte, NA

As a real estate agent and investor myself, I’ve been recommending it to my clients. It’s a great tool to review deals online and it saves me a lot of time on a daily basis


Pete B.

New York City

A very practical tool that is easy to use, even when you’re not familiar with excel and financial models in general. It’s the ultimate resource to become a successful investor


Brendan H.

Denver, CO

This is an amazing spreadsheet. I’ve been using it when looking at properties and get a feel for potential investments and this calculator has been helping me a lot. Highly recommend for anyone interested in real estate investing.


Lina C.

Los Angeles, CA

I’m by no means an excel guy, even less a math guy but after trying the spreadsheet, I knew it would be a great investment. And for the price, it’s an invaluable resource for any serious investor. On top of it, Nick has always been helpful when I had questions or needed guidance


Mark S.

Pittsburgh. PA

I can’t imagine the hours spent to build this template and I’m thankful I won’t have to do it myself. This spreadsheet is well thought and provides great flexibility thanks to the custom sheet. Love it! 


Ben T.

Seattle, WA

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  • Advanced Features
  • Everything in Light Version
  • Save Project
  • Advanced Return Analysis
  • All Reports Available
  • Scenario Analysis
  • Cash Out Refinancing
  • Max Purchase Price Tool
  • Sale Date Optimization
  • Custom Sheet & Labeling

PRO Version

For Professional Investors
$ 250 Up to 5 Users
  • PRO Features
  • Everything in Advanced Version
  • Unlimited Number of Units
  • Up to 10 Types of Units
  • Detailed Per Unit Assumptions
  • Multi-Unit Report
  • Priority Support
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Combo Package

Full Access to All Advanced Spreadsheets
$ 140
  • Advanced Rental Property Analysis Spreadsheet
  • Advanced House Flipping Spreadsheet

Gold Package

Full Access to All Pro Spreadsheets
$ 400
  • Pro House Flipping Spreadsheet
  • Pro Rental Property Analysis Spreadsheet

About The Author

Hi there, I’m Nick Peters. Investment Banker during the day, I’m passionate about real estate and financial modeling so I decided to combine both interests and create RealEstateSpreadsheets.com to help people find better real estate deals. This free rental property analysis spreadsheet is the result of countless hours of work, and will help you make well-informed decisions before pulling the trigger on a property.

In Real Estate, money is made when you buy, not when you sell so it is important that you do the math before you close the deal. This spreadsheet is all about that: running numbers for you so you can efficiently distinguish great deals from non-performing assets.

It has been built with everything you need to analyze potential deals very quickly so I hope it will be as useful to you as it has been to me for several years now!


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