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Airbnb Calculator Spreadsheet

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Avoid Those Common Pitfalls

Our pre-built Airbnb calculator template will let you analyze any property to assess its potential as an Airbnb or short-term rental. It can quickly run financial estimates and tell you if a deal is worth pursuing

Our investment calculator will run the numbers for you and will calculate potential rental income and cash flow based on market rates, seasonality and occupancy rates

Our template lets you keep track of up to 10 years of monthly operating and financial performance and automatically compare them with your forecasts to check if your business remains on track

Our Airbnb calculator template includes a Peer Comparison tool to help you identify features and services that your short-term rental may be missing compared to your competition

In Real Estate, Money is made when you buy so do the math before you close the deal

Airbnb Investing Made Easy

Everything You Need To Make Money with Your Airbnb Or Short Term Rental

This prebuilt spreadsheet is an all-in-one solution for analyzing short-term rental properties, estimating revenue and cash flow, tracking occupancy, income & expenses, optimizing financial performances and much more

Financial Ratios calculated by our Airbnb Calculator Spreadsheet

30-year Forecasts

Nightly Rate, Occupancy Rate, Rental Income, Capex, Cash flow and more!


Repair & Furniture Estimator

Quickly & accurately estimate repair & furniture expenses using your custom cost database

Profitability Analysis

See if your Airbnb investment is profitable by calculating key financial indicators (Cap Rate, Cash on Cash, IRR, MIRR, etc.)


Scenario Analysis

Assess how occupancy rate, nightly rate and other factors can impact your profitability metrics

Maximum Offering Price

Maximum Purchase Price

Calculate how much you should pay to achieve your financial objectives

Peer Comparison Tool

Compare your Airbnb rental with your peers and identify what features or services are missing from your listing

Sale Date Optimization Icon

Financial Tracker

Keep track of your income, expenses and cash flow and compare them with your forecasts

Transaction Reports Icon

Summary Reports

8 user-friendly reports available: Summary, Monthly, Year To Date, Versus, Amortization, Financing, Expenses and Forecasts

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One-Time Payment

Purchase it once and get all future updates for free! No subscription, no hidden fee or charge!

Excel in Airbnb Investing

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Kickstart your journey as a Short-Term Rental Investor

Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just starting out, our user-friendly interface and customizable features ensure you have everything you need to succeed in the dynamic world of short-term rentals

Find The Perfect Rental

Track Your Monthly Performance

Optimize Your Operations

Maximize Your Cash Flow

Powerful & Easy To Use


Take the guesswork out of the equation and start building a successful short-term rental business with our comprehensive Airbnb Calculator Spreadsheet. From detailed forecast analysis to robust performance tracking, and scenario modeling, our spreadsheet empowers investors to make informed decisions and achieve their investment goals.

Full Stack Spreadsheet


Investment Forecasts

Start your analysis by forecasting up to 30 years of operational and financial projections with custom parameters

Detailed Cash Flow Forecasts

Calculate your rental income, operating expenses and cash flow using nightly rate and occupancy %

Profitability Analysis

Assess how profitable your Airbnb investment will be using Cash on Cash Return, Cap Rate, Internal Rate of Return and other financial metrics

Sale Date Optimization

Our calculator will tell you how to optimize your investment by selling at the right time

Airbnb Investment Forecasts
Repair Estimator


Repair Estimator

Create a comprehensive cost database to quickly and accurately estimate repair costs by area and category

Breakdown By Cost Category

Includes up to 15 pre-built cost categories for detailed and accurate repair cost estimates

Breakdown by Area

Includes up to 15 areas for a comprehensive estimate of necessary repairs

Capacity for 75 Work Items

Build a database of up to 75 work items and unit prices (labor, material, other)


Furnishing Checklist

Estimate how much it will cost to furnish your short-term rental by creating your custom list of furniture and appliances

Capacity for 300 Work Items

List up to 20 items per room / area for up to 300 items in total

Breakdown by Area

Includes up to 15 areas for a detailed estimate of your furnishing project

5 Furnishing Profiles

Quickly switch from one furnishing profile to another depending on the Airbnb property you are considering

Airbnb Furnishing Checklist
Debt Amortization Schedule


Debt Amortization Schedule

Keep track of your mortgage balance on a monthly basis and assess the impact of prepayments or a potential refinancing

Principal vs Interest Payment

Determine how much goes towards principal repayment vs. interest

Total Cost of Debt

Know exactly how much your financing strategy is costing over the life of your investment

Key Debt Ratios

Includes mandatory ratios for lenders and financial partners (Loan To Value, Interest Coverage, etc.)


Property Management

Enter your property’s monthly operational and financial data and see how your rental is performing

Up to 10 years of track record

Record up to 10 years of operational and financial data

Detailed historical financials

Days booked, nightly rate, operating expenses, capex, mortgage payment, everything is kept in one place

Actuals vs Forecasts

Compare your rental performance with your initial projections on a monthly or yearly basis

Property Management
Peer Comparison


Peer Comparison

Identify the features and services your competitors offer so you can make your Airbnb property stand out

Property Characteristics

Compare up to 10 properties based on a wide variety of criteria and see how your peers perform

Comprehensive list of amenities

Review over 135 amenities & services and verify that your property is not missing any

Rental Policy Checker

Quickly see if your rental policy is in line with your market


8 Amazing Reports

Our Airbnb calculator spreadsheet includes 8 amazing reports to review every aspect of your short-term rental. Easy to understand, print and share with others

Summary Report

Get a summary of your Airbnb investment in one consolidated report

Actuals Reports

See your rental’s performance on a monthly or Year to Date basis and see how it tracks against your forecasts

Expenses & Financing Reports

Get an overview of forecasted operating and financial expenses over the life of your investment

Airbnb Calculator Spreadsheet Reports
Max Purchase Price Tool


Maximum Purchase Price

Determine how much you should offer to acquire your rental property to achieve your desired return on investment, using multiple key financial indicators:

Minimum Return on Investment (ROI)

Minimum Profit or Monthly Cash Flow

Minimum Internal Rate of Return (IRR)


Advanced Scenario Analysis

Easily see how the profitability of your Airbnb investment is impacted by changes in key assumptions such as:

Changes in Nightly Rate & Occupancy %

Changes in Purchase Price

Changes in Interest Rate & Down Payment

Advanced Scenario Analysis

And Much More!

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Common Questions

Absolutely, we made our spreadsheet as user friendly as possible. The great thing with pre-built templates is that you don’t need to know how they work to use them and take advantage of them.

Our Airbnb Calculator Spreadsheet works with Microsoft Excel (2013 or newer). It is not compatible with Google Sheets nor Apple Numbers unfortunately, due to the limited capabilities of these applications.

The spreadsheet works both on Mac and Windows computers so we’ve got you covered!

There are a few reasons why you might prefer to use an Excel spreadsheet over an online short-term rental calculator, including:

  1. Customization: Our Excel spreadsheet allows for a higher degree of customization, making it easier to track the specific information that is important to you and your Airbnb investment. You can create customized formulas and calculations in the custom sheet to better manage your investment.
  2. Control: With our Airbnb calculator template, you have complete control over your data and the way it is stored. This can be especially important if you have sensitive financial information that you prefer not to store online. Also, because we don’t store any of your data, we don’t sell it either! So no ads, no targeted phone calls, just the peace of mind.
  3. Cost: Our excel template is offered for a one-time fee only, whereas online calculators and other apps usually have a monthly or annual subscription fee. For those on a tight budget, an Excel spreadsheet definitely represents a more cost-effective solution.
  4. Access: With our rehab spreadsheet, you can access and make changes to your project assumptions even when you don’t have an internet connection. Very useful to globetrotters that travel the world looking for the right deal.
  5. Advanced Analysis: Online apps are great to have a quick snapshot of your Airbnb investment but Excel provides advanced modeling and analytical capabilities, allowing you to perform more sophisticated financial calculations and simulations that may not be possible with an online app.

Because everyone has specific needs and requirements, we added to our template a custom sheet that users can freely modify to tailor the spreadsheet to their needs. In this sheet, you can add additional features and calculations and link their results to other sections of our template

Rental Property Analysis Spreadsheet

More into Long Term Rental Properties?

Check out our Ultimate Rental Property Analysis Spreadsheet

About The Author


Hi there, I’m Nick Peters. Investment Banker during the day, I’m passionate about Real Estate and financial modeling so I decided to combine both interests and create RealEstateSpreadsheets.com to help people find better real estate deals. This Airbnb Calculator spreadsheet is the result of countless hours of work and will help you make well-informed decisions before pulling the trigger on a short-term rental!