Comparative Market Analysis Spreadsheet

Easily review rental properties and compare them with similar properties in your local market with this free spreadsheet

Compatible with Windows and Mac

Compatible with Mac

Runs on Microsoft Excel Only

Comparable Market Analysis

All the Features You Need to Review and Compare Properties

Our Comparative Market Analysis spreadsheet comes with all the features you need to efficiently keep track, review and compare rental properties

Mortgage Calculator

Property Database

Build a detailed database of rental properties available in your local market

House icon

Comparative Analysis

Compare multiple properties and identify the most profitable rental investments

Offer Tracker

Stay on top of the competition by offering the right price and keeping track of your offers


Printable Summary

Easily identify trends in your local real estate market with our Comps & Summary reports

Download our Free Comparative Market Analysis Spreadsheet


Custom Comps Database

Build your own comprehensive database of rental properties to master your local real estate market

Ready to Use Custom Database

All the details about your properties and listings in one comprehensive database to keep track of your local market

Generate Key Investment Metrics

Automatically estimate potential cash flow generation and other key financial metrics for each property

Keep Track of Your Offers

List all the offers you make and the feedback you receive to better understand competition

Comparable Market Analysis Custom Database
Detailed Comps Analysis

Detailed Comps Analysis

Select up to 5 comparable properties and perform a thorough comparative analysis of your reference property

Single & Multi-Family Properties

Enter rental income assumptions for up to 5 units per property

Detailed Operating Assumptions

Refine your analysis by entering up to 9 fixed operating expenses and 8 variable operating expenses

Rank the Best Properties

Automatically rank selected properties based on  key performance indicators (Cap Rate, Cash On Cash, Gross Rent Multiplier, etc.)


Select Comps Report

Generate a comparison table of up to 25 properties in a condensed Comps Report, including:

Key Property Details

Property’s address, number of units, beds, baths and square footage

Key Financial Data

Offering Price, $ per ft2, $ per unit, Rent Estimate, Operating Expenses, Net Operating Income and Cash Flow Estimate

Key Profitability Metrics

Capitalization Rate, Cash on Cash Return, 1% Rule Estimate and Price to Rent Ratio

Select Comps Report
Summary Report

Summary Report

Easily print and share a professional report of your comparative analysis with investors, business partners and other professionals

Dynamic Property Mapping

Locate your selection of properties in a second on our interactive map

Tailored Property Information

Customize what information is displayed in the report using the spreadsheet’s toggles

Summary Analysis & Ranking

The report details all your operating assumptions as well as your ranking using key financial metrics

Get our Free Comparative Market Analysis Spreadsheet

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our Comparative Market Analysis Spreadsheet is completely free to use and share

Investing in real estate usually requires investors to review a large number of potential deals. The more properties you review, the more familiar you will get with you local real estate market. 

A deep understanding of the trends in your market is essential. So it’s important to stay organized and keep track of all the properties you review during your screening process. By doing so, you are able to develop valuable market insights, property after property.

Identifying the right investment is key but you can’t run numbers on every property available in your local market. This spreadsheet lets you quickly screen an unlimited number of properties to quickly identify which ones have the most potential. 

Add an unlimited number of properties to your listing and build the most exhaustive property database for your local real estate market

Absolutely, the spreadsheet includes 2 reports (Selection & Summary) that are ready to print and easy to share with third parties

Yes, the documentation related to this spreadsheet is available by following this link

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