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Seven automatically generated reports are available in our Rental Property Analysis Spreadsheet. Each report covers a different aspect of your rental investment and has been optimized so it can easily be shared with your partners, lenders and other third parties.

Summary Forecasts

This report provides summary forecasts of your rental property investment, including summary cash flow projections, debt balance and property value as well as key financial ratios over time.

The report also includes key information regarding your sources & uses, your refinancing (if applicable) and advanced financial ratios such as levered IRR, EMX, MIRR, etc.

Graphs Report

This report will help you visualize your rental property investment with 8 must-have graphs, including:

  • First year Waterfall (bridging from your monthly rental income to your net cash flow estimate)
  • Breakdown of expenses
  • Interest vs. Principal repayment Analysis
  • Debt Repayment Profile
  • Property Value & Loan Balance over time
  • 10-year Recurring Cash Flow forecast
  • Key Financial Ratios
  • Total Return Summary

Summary Report

This report summarizes all the key information about your rental property in one place. It includes key financial metrics, acquisition & financing information and more detailed data about income and expenses.

It also includes key forecasts for year 1 to 10 as well as years 20 and 30.

Amortization Report

This report is a detailed amortization schedule of your loan, on a monthly basis. It includes both the payment amount, interest amount, principal reduction, PMI payment as well as your Loan To Value ratio (LTV) both at the time of purchase and post refinancing (if applicable).

Financing Report

This report summarizes key financial metrics and ratios related to the debt raised for your rental property investment:

  • Cash Flow before debt service: calculated as your Net Operating Income minus CAPEX and other exceptional expenses (but before P&I payment)
  • Cash Flow after debt service: calculated as cash flow before debt service minus P&I payment
  • Debt Coverage: Two ratios are available:
    • Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR): calculated as your Net Operating Income divided by your debt service (i.e. interest payment + principal payment + Loan insurance (if applicable))
    • Adjusted DSCR: calculated as your cash flow before debt (rather than NOI) divided by your debt service
  • Loan to Value: calculated as your Debt outstanding divided by your estimated property value (on any given year)
  • Debt Yield: calculated as Net Operating Income divided by Debt Outstanding
  • Break-Even Ratio: calculated as (total operating expenses + debt service) / gross operating income.

Expense Report

Summary report of all expenses associated with your rental property. It includes a breakdown of your expenses on year 1 as well as detailed forecasts of these expenses over time.

Multi-Unit Report

The Multi-Unit report is only available in the Pro Version of our Rental Property Analysis Spreadsheet. It provides a detailed overview of each unit type composing your multi-family property, including:

  • General assumptions such as annual increase rate of fixed expenses, scope of variable expenses
  • Detailed overhead expenses
  • # of units per type, monthly gross income per unit type as well as total monthly fixed and variable expenses per type
  • Detailed operating metrics per unit type
  • Forecasts per unit type from year 1 to 10 as well as year 20 and year 30
Updated on September 4, 2021

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