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Comps Analysis

The Comps Analysis tab will let run a more detailed comparative analysis on a selection of properties. You can select 1 reference property and up to 5 comparable properties.

The selection of properties is made in the “Listing” Tab, under the column named “Use for Comps”. Use the dropdown menu to select the properties you wish to compare.

The tab is split in 4 areas: Comparable Analysis, Monthly Revenue Estimate, Monthly Operating Expenses and Key Performance Indicators.

You can easily clear data as desired using one of the 4 buttons available at the top:

Comparable Analysis

The Comparable Analysis section is a summary of the key characteristics of the selected properties, sourced from the Listing Tab. The checkboxes on the left side allow you to select which lines will be displayed in the Summary Report. By double clicking on the cell, you will activate or deactivate the associated line in the report.

The location of the selected properties is also displayed in the dynamic map on the right side.

Monthly Revenue Estimate

In this section, you can enter the financial details of each property to calculate the Gross Operating Income. Revenue of up to 5 units can be entered for each property.

Monthly Operating Expenses

In this section, you can enter up to 9 fixed operating expenses per property. Although the spreadsheet includes default categories, you can adjust and rename them as desired. Note that all expenses should be entered on a monthly basis.

Similarly, you can enter up to 8 variable operating expenses, whose amount will be calculated as a percentage of Gross Scheduled Income (i.e. before vacancy loss, tenant concession and other income). These expenses can also customized and renamed as desired.

For a quick comparative analysis, you can apply a rule of thumb, by selecting a percentage in the “Rule of Thumb” cell.  For instance, if 50% is entered, the spreadsheet will assume that operating expenses (both fixed and variable) amount to 50% of Gross Scheduled Income.

Key Performance Indicators

Based on your revenue and expenses input from previous tables, the spreadsheet will automatically calculate Net Operating Income (NOI) ans estimated Monthly Cash Flow and will rank the properties based on multiple key financial indicators (capitalization rate, cash on cash return, gross rent multiplier and debt coverage).

Updated on April 13, 2021

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