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How can I associate my license with another computer?

You can easily change the computer associated with your license key, either in the spreadsheet directly or via your account page.

In the spreadsheet

Click on the “Manage License” button available in the Disclaimer Tab of the spreadsheet:

Then click on “Deactivate This Workbook”.

Attention: by deactivating the workbook, the spreadsheet will close automatically without saving. You will have to open it again (on the computer you wish to associate the spreadsheet with) in order to activate it using your existing license key.

In your Account Page

Go on your Orders page and then click on “License Manage”  next to your order.

Then click on the “Deactivate” button next to your license key in order to unlink it to the current computer.

As a result, the domain (i.e. equivalent to your workbook key) will disappear and the column will remain empty.

The spreadsheet is now ready to be open and activated on another computer (see question “How do I register my spreadsheet” for my information on that process)

Updated on May 27, 2021