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Multi-Unit Forecasts

The Unit Data tab provides detailed forecasts, broken down by unit type. The tab is composed of 3 sections:

  • Gross Operating Income: detailed per-unit calculations of consolidated gross operating income including forecasts of gross scheduled income, estimated vacancy and other income. This is also where you will enter each unit type’s custom annual growth rate if you previously selected “Yearly Rate” as your Rent Growth Methodology in the “Multi-Units” tab.

  • Operating Expenses: includes forecasts of fixed expenses (applicable to all units) as well as per unit variable expenses (as defined in the multi-units tab)

  • Net Operating Income: based on previous assumptions, the spreadsheet will automatically calculate the net operating income of each unit type as well as on a consolidated basis.

Information included in that tab will automatically be consolidated and flow into the Forecasts tab.

Updated on May 30, 2021

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