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Compare Actuals Vs. Budget (Tracker Tab)

The Tracker tab helps you keep track of your expenses (“Actuals”) and easily compare them with your budget. Transaction costs are grouped by category (related to Property Price, Transaction Costs, Repair Costs and Exceptional Costs).


Budgeted figures are sourced from either the dashboard (for Property Price & Transaction Costs) or the Repairs Tab (for Repair Costs when the Detailed Estimate is selected as your Repair Estimate Method). Exceptional costs are not budgeted and therefore amount to zero.




Your Actuals are all the expenses that have already been incurred to date on your project. The data can either be automatically extracted from the Expenses tab or entered manually. To switch from one source to another, simply select the desired source in the associated dropdown available in the “Source :” column.

Once selected, the spreadsheet will automatically compare the data with your initial budget and calculate the difference (in % of Budget and $ Amount).


In the Projected section, indicate the % achieved for each cost category, in order to estimate the total cost for full completion. For instance, if your repair cost for plumbing currently amounts to $10,000 but you estimate that only half of the work has been completed yet, enter 50% in the % Achieved column and the spreadsheet will automatically calculate the projected total cost for that category (i.e. $20,000 in total to reach 100%). That amount is displayed in the Forecast column.

The spreadsheet then calculates the difference compared to your initial budget (in $ amount, % variation and % of Budget).

Summary & Profit Variation Graph

The spreadsheet includes a summary comparison of your Budget vs. Actuals vs. Projected and automatically calculates the impact on your project’s estimated profit.

The Profit Variation Graph is a bridge between budgeted profit and forecasted profit that will help you quickly identify which cost categories are impacting you profit.

Updated on May 9, 2021

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