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Keep Track of Your Vendors

The vendor tab helps you easily keep track of all the vendors, contractors, stores and other third parties involved in your rehab project. By default, the tab includes the following categories: Vendor ID, Vendor name, Type of Vendor, Address, City, State, Zip Code, First name of your contact, Last name, Title, Phone, Email and amount spent at this vendor (automatically calculated based on your input in the Expenses Tab).

In addition to the default columns, you can easily customize this list by adding an unlimited number of custom columns. To do so,  click on the “Add Column” button, then enter the name of your new column and click on Ok. Make sure the name you have chosen is not already used for another column of the table otherwise the column won’t be added. You can also remove a column by clicking on the “Remove Column” button. Note that only custom columns can be removed, not the default ones.

On the right side of the tab is a summary of your top vendors, listing the number of transactions and the total amount spent with each of them.

Note that the vendors listed in this tab are used to generate the Actuals Vendors report (i.e. full list of all expenses by vendor) as well as the drop-down list under the “Supplier / Contractor” column of the Repairs tab.

Updated on May 9, 2021

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