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What is the Workbook Key?

The Workbook key is a unique ID key identifying your computer (also called a “Domain”). The number of domains that can be associated with a license key depends on the version of your spreadsheet:

  • The Advanced Version allows a license key to be used by 1 user on up to 2 domains (i.e. 2 personal computers such as a laptop and a desktop)
  • The Pro Version allows a license key to be used by up to 5 users on up to 10 domains (i.e. 10 computers within the same office)

Once the maximum number of domains has been reached for a particular license, the spreadsheet will not work on any other computers. You can easily manage / delete domains associated with your license key by accessing your account page (see “How can I associate my license with another computer?” for more details).

Updated on August 8, 2021

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