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Where can I find my license key?

Your license key is available in both your order confirmation email (for new customers) and on your account page.

It is a string of characters (both numbers and letters) such as: XXXX-ec6e0c9a-c71c4c77-6e256cff

Order Confirmation Email

You can find your license key in your order confirmation email received after checkout. It will be displayed below the name of the spreadsheet you purchased:

Note that if you downloaded the spreadsheet before August 2021, the license key will not appear in the email so you will have to access your account page to retrieve it.

My Account

Your license key is also available on your account page. To access it, simply follow this link to your orders and then click on “License Manage”  next to your order.

The details of your license key will then be displayed under the “License Key” column:

In this example, the license key to be copy pasted in the spreadsheet is: Demo-ec6e0c9a-c71c4c77-6e256cff

Be careful to properly copy paste the license key (without any blank space at the end) in the spreadsheet for proper validation.

Updated on August 8, 2021

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