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This prebuilt spreadsheet is an all-in-one solution for analyzing house flipping deals, estimating rehab costs, tracking expenses, managing deadlines and much more

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Accurately estimate repair costs by creating a comprehensive cost database for all your rehab projects 

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Assess the profitability of your project by calculating key financial indicators (ROI, 70% Rule, Net Profit, IRR)

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Automatically review the impact of multiple parameters on your profitability

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Identify the maximum offering price to achieve your profitability target

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Keep control of all your expenses and easily check if you are on track with your budget


Manage project tasks & milestones day by day with our built-in project scheduler

5 professional reports included: Summary, Financing, Estimate, Cost and Budget

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Free Rental Property Analysis Spreadsheet

In Real Estate, money is made when you buy not when you sell so do the math before you close the deal

Profitability Analysis

Quickly estimate the profitability of your rehab project and assess the maximum purchase price you can offer

Full list of Project Costs

Incorporate all aspects of your project in your analysis: Acquisition, Holding, Financing, Selling

Capital Requirement & Investor Return

Quickly assess capital requirement and profit sharing between all investors & partners

Key Financial Ratios

Our calculator includes all key financial ratios to analyze your flip and rehab (ROI, IRR, 70% Rule)

Create a comprehensive cost database to quickly and accurately estimate rehab costs for all your projects

Breakdown by Cost Category

Include up to 24 pre-built cost categories for detailed and accurate repair cost estimates

Breakdown by Area

Include up to 16 areas for a comprehensive estimate of your rehab project

Capacity for 260+ work items

Build a database with a capacity for over 260 work items and unit prices (labor, material, other)

Project Scheduler

Organize your project’s scope of work, easily keep track of key milestones and identify any potential delays

Up to 150 Individual Tasks

Plan and manage your rehab project in detail with up to 150 individual tasks 

Up to 52-week Scheduler

Don’t miss your deadlines by forecasting up to a full year of project tasks

Day to Day Planning & Progress Tracking

Track your progress against your initial schedule to meet your deadlines with confidence

Expense Tracking Tool

Make it easy to keep track of your project expenses and avoid cost overruns 

Budget vs. Actual vs. Projected

Easily compare your actual expenses with your budget and estimate your projected total costs

Track Expenses by Category

Quickly estimate how much you spent on each category of your house flip or rehab project

Profitability Impact Analysis

Understand how your actual expenses are affecting your project’s overall profitability

Checklist by Area

Prepare your home inspection with this detailed checklist by area

Up to 16 areas

List up to 24 checking points for each of the 16 areas available in the spreadsheet

Estimate Per Category

For each area, get a detailed estimate of your rehab costs

Custom Plan

Draw the plan of each area with precision with our ready-to-use plan section

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9 Reports Available

Pre-built reports for every aspect of your house flip. Easy to share with business partners and other third parties

Summary Report

Extract the essential information of your house flipping project in one comprehensive report

Cost & Estimate Reports

Get both a general view of your rehab costs as well as an exhaustive list of all repair expenses

Budget & Financing Reports

Easily review capital requirements & funding sources and keep an eye on your budget

Advanced Scenario Analysis

Easily see how the profitability metrics of your house flip are impacted by changes in key assumptions, including:

Changes in Purchase Price & ARV
Delays & Length of Holding Period
Changes in Repair Costs & Overruns

Maximum Purchase Price

Determine your Maximum Purchase Price to achieve your desired profit, using multiple key financial indicators:

Minimum Return on Investment (ROI)
Minimum Profit
Minimum Internal Rate of Return (IRR)

And Much More!

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Free Updates

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Lines of Calculation
Week Scheduler
Cost Categories
Summary Reports
Financial Indicators

What People Say About Us

Used by Thousands of House Flippers & Rehabbers

Awesome spreadsheet that helps us a lot streamlining our house flipping projects. It takes a minute to review a deal and it keeps everything much more organized


Mike G.

Stratford, CT

This House Flipping Spreadsheet is a great tool for rehabbers and Nick is always available to help if I have any questions! Great customer service!


Jordan M.

Denver, CO

Very useful spreadsheet that I now use regularly on all of my flips. Would recommend it without a doubt


Conrad G.

Chicago, IL

We’ve been using this spreadsheet on most of our house flips. It’s very easy to understand and it tells you right away what profit you can expect to achieve


Dineo S.

New York, NY

A fantastic spreadsheet that probably saved me a ton of money in my most recent rehab project. For the price, it’s by far the best value purchase I have made in my investor journey


Jeremy N.

San Antonio, TX

Excellent model, as you can expect from an investment banker! Kudos to Nick also for always being so patient with all my questions about this awesome template!


Emanuel O.

Little Rock, AR

It saved me both time and money so I can’t complain! One of the cheapest spreadsheets out there, yet one of the most powerful and well thought in my opinion. Having free updates for life is like the cherry on top


Charlene K.

Banning, CA

Simple Pricing, Unbeatable Value

Whether you’re a beginner in house flipping or a seasoned rehabber, we’ve got you covered

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  • Basic Features
  • House Flipping Tool
  • Quick Repair Estimate
  • Vendors Listing
  • Profitability Analysis
  • Area Analysis
  • Expense Tracker
  • One Summary Report

Advanced Version

For Individual Investors
$ 85 For One User
  • Advanced Features
  • Everything in Light Version
  • Project Scheduler
  • Rehab Cost Estimator
  • Full Expense Listing
  • All 9 reports available
  • Scenario Analysis
  • Max Purchase Price Tool
  • Custom Sheet & Labeling
  • Advanced Support

PRO Version

For Professional Investors
$ 250 Up to 5 Users
  • PRO Features
  • Everything in Advanced Version
  • Up to 5 users
  • Priority Support
Best Value

Combo Package

Full Access to All Advanced Spreadsheets
$ 140
  • Advanced House Flipping Spreadsheet
  • Advanced Rental Property Analysis Spreadsheet

Gold Package

Full Access to All Pro Spreadsheets
$ 400
  • Pro House Flipping Spreadsheet
  • Pro Rental Property Analysis Spreadsheet

About The Author

Hi there, I’m Nick Peters. Investment Banker during the day, I’m passionate about real estate and financial modeling so I decided to combine both interests and create RealEstateSpreadsheets.com to help people find better real estate deals. This free house flipping spreadsheet is the result of countless hours of work, and will help you make well-informed decisions before pulling the trigger on a flip or rehab project.

In Real Estate, money is made when you buy, not when you sell so it is important that you do the math before you close the deal. This spreadsheet is all about that: running numbers for you so you can efficiently distinguish great deals from non-performing properties.

It has been built with everything you need to analyze potential deals very quickly so I hope it will be as useful to you as it has been to me for several years now!

Free Rental Property Analysis Spreadsheet

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