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Free Rental Property Analysis Spreadsheet

Ultimate Rental Property Analysis Spreadsheet

Get this simple yet powerful excel spreadsheet for analyzing and reviewing rental properties and buy & hold investments

30-year forecasts: Rental income, Operating expenses, Net Operating Income, Debt service, Capex, Cash Flow…

Profitability Analysis: Perform complex profitability analysis using over 15 key financial indicators (Cash on Cash, Cap Rate, IRR, etc.)

And many more features: Scenario Analysis, Maximum Offering Price, Sale Date Optimization, Transaction Reports, etc…

Ultimate House Flipping & Rehab Spreadsheet

A Powerful Excel Spreadsheet for Analyzing House Flipping Deals and Estimating Rehab Costs Like A Pro

Detailed Rehab Estimate: Accurately estimate repair costs by creating a comprehensive cost database for all your rehab projects

Profitability Analysis: Assess the profitability of your project by calculating key financial indicators (ROI, 70% Rule, Net Profit, IRR)

Budget & Expense Tracker: Keep control of all your expenses and easily check if you are on track with your budget

And many more features: Project Scheduler, Scenario Analysis, Maximum Purchase Price, Deal Reports

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