Simple Options, Unbeatable Value

Whether you’re a beginner in real estate investing or a seasoned investor, we’ve got you covered

Light Version

Ideal For Beginners
Free Yes, Completely!
  • Basic Features
  • Rental Property Analysis
  • Multifamily (Up to 5 units)
  • 30-year Projections
  • Essential Return Analysis
  • Debt Maturity Schedule
  • Summary Page

Advanced Version

For Individual Investors
$ 85 For One User
  • Advanced Features
  • Everything in Light Version
  • Save Project
  • Advanced Return Analysis
  • All Reports Available
  • Scenario Analysis
  • Cash Out Refinancing
  • Max Purchase Price Tool
  • Sale Date Optimization
  • Custom Sheet & Labeling

PRO Version

For Professional Investors
$ 250 Up to 5 Users
  • PRO Features
  • Everything in Advanced Version
  • Unlimited Number of Units
  • Up to 10 Types of Units
  • Detailed Per Unit Assumptions
  • Multi-Unit Report
  • Priority Support
Best Value

Combo Package

Full Access to All Advanced Spreadsheets
$ 140
  • Advanced Rental Property Analysis Spreadsheet
  • Advanced House Flipping Spreadsheet

Gold Package

Full Access to All Pro Spreadsheets
$ 400
  • Pro House Flipping Spreadsheet
  • Pro Rental Property Analysis Spreadsheet

An Extended List of Features

Supercharge your real estate skills with our advanced features and start reviewing deals like pros

  • Light Version
  • Advanced Version
  • Pro Version
Features Light VersionAdvanced VersionPro Version
License For1 User1 UserUp to 5 Users
Single Family & Multi-Family Analysis
30-year Projections
Detailed Financing Assumptions
Expenses Breakdown
Debt Maturity Schedule
Basic Financial Ratios
Summary Page
Summary Report
Financing Report
Expense Report
Advanced Return Analysis
Scenario Analysis
Max Offering Price
Sale Date Optimization
White Labeling
Customizable Sheet
Save Project
Unlimited Number of Units
Up to 10 types of Units
Detailed Per Unit Assumptions
Multi-unit Report
Priority Support
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