Airbnb Spreadsheet – Light Version


This free Airbnb calculator is an all-in one solution to analyze, manage and optimize your Airbnb and other short-term & vacation rental investments


Optimize your short-term and vacation rental investments with this free comprehensive Excel spreadsheet. This versatile tool offers everything you need to analyze, manage, and maximize the profitability of your rental properties. From detailed property overviews to robust financial analysis, occupancy management, and scenario modeling, our spreadsheet empowers investors to make informed decisions and achieve their investment goals.

Track rental income, manage expenses, monitor occupancy rates, and visualize performance metrics with ease. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just starting out, our user-friendly interface and customizable features ensure you have everything you need to succeed in the dynamic world of short-term rentals.

Features included in the spreadsheet:

  • Profitability Analysis with key financial indicators (ROI, Cap Rate, Cash on Cash, 1% Rule, IRR, MIRR, Net Profit, etc.)
  • Detailed Repair Estimator (only in Advanced version)
  • Detailed Furniture Estimator (only in Advanced version)
  • 30-year operational and financial forecasts
  • Debt Summary & Mortgage Amortization schedule
  • Budget & Expense tracker
  • Peer Comparison Tool
  • 8 Financial Reports (only in Advanced version)
  • Maximum Offering Price Tool (only in Advanced version)
  • Scenario Analysis Tool (only in Advanced version)

This spreadsheet runs on Microsoft Excel and is compatible with both Windows and Mac.

More information about how to use the spreadsheet is available in our online documentation.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out using our contact form.

Additional information

Required Software

Microsoft Excel 2007 or more recent


Windows & Mac





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