House Flipping & Rehab Spreadsheet – Advanced Version

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This prebuilt spreadsheet is an all-in-one solution for analyzing house flipping deals, estimating rehab costs, tracking expenses, managing deadlines and much more


This House Flipping & Rehab Excel spreadsheet will help you analyze and review house flipping deals and estimate rehab costs like a pro. It includes everything you need to make a thorough analysis of a house flip, including detailed rehab estimate, advanced profitability analysis, budget & expense tracker, project scheduler, and more tools such as the Maximum Purchase Price and the Scenario Analysis features. The spreadsheet also includes 5 reports that can easily be shared with third parties and other investors.

Features included in the Spreadsheets :

  • Profitability Analysis with key financial indicators (ROI, 70% rule, net profit, IRR)
  • Detailed Rehab Estimator
  • Budget & Expense Tracker to keep control of all your expenses
  • Project Scheduler to manage tasks day by bay and identify delays & overruns
  • 5 Financial Reports
  • Maximum Offering Price Tool
  • Scenario Analysis

The spreadsheet runs on Microsoft Excel, and is compatible with Windows and Mac. All future updates are completely free!

More information about how to use the spreadsheet is available in our online documentation.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out using our contact form.

Additional information

Required Software

Microsoft Excel 2007 or more recent

Spreadsheet version