Rental Property Spreadsheet – Light Version


This Excel spreadsheet is the light version of our Rental Property Analysis Spreadsheet.

Pre-build rental property spreadsheet that will help you identify great rental property deals and avoid non-performing or overpriced assets. You will also get access to the online knowledge base that will guide you in your real estate journey.


This Excel spreadsheet will help you identify great rental property deals for buy & hold strategy and avoid non-performing or overpriced assets. It includes everything you need to make a thorough analysis of the property, including calculation and forecast of operating performances over 30 years (Net Operating Income, Unlevered Cash Flows, Levered Cash Flow), Debt repayment profile, full return analysis with detailed financial ratios (CoC, Cap Rate, DSCR, etc.).

Features included in the Spreadsheet :

  • Rental Income and Operating Expenses forecast over the life of the investment
  • Full debt repayment and maturity schedule with detailed information about interest expense, principal repayment and debt ratios (LTV, DSCR, etc.)
  • Detailed return analysis with key financial ratios (IRR, MIRR, etc. only in Full Version)
  • Total Return Calculation
  • Summary page (Only in Advanced Version)
  • 8 Summary Graphs (Only in Advanced Version)
  • 4 Financial Reports (Only in Advanced Version)

The spreadsheet runs on Microsoft Excel, and is compatible with Windows and Mac.

For more information about the spreadsheet, please refer to our online documentation.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out using our contact form.