Ultimate Rehab Cost Estimator

Easily and accurately estimate rehab costs and repairs with our pre-built rehab cost estimator spreadsheet

Included in our House Flipping & Rehab Spreadsheet

Compatible with Windows and Mac

Compatible with Mac

Runs on Microsoft Excel Only

Repair Cost Estimator

All You Need to Estimate Rehab & Repair Costs

Our Rehab Cost Estimator is part of our House Flipping & Rehab Spreadsheet which will help you analyze rehab projects like a Pro

Rehab items

Up to 260 work items

Build a detailed database of rehab costs that you can use on all your rehab projects

Rehab doughnut

Up to 24 categories

Cover all aspects of your rehab with the 24 pre-built categories available in our spreadsheet

Rehab by Area

16 Applicable Areas

Living Room, bathrooms, kitchen, outdoor / indoor… everything is included in this Estimator

Rehab Reports

3 Summary Reports

Easily share your rehab cost estimate with partners, investors, and third parties

Download our Rehab Cost Estimator Spreadsheet


Estimate by Category, Area and Type

Build your own comprehensive database of repair & rehab costs and easily allocate them by category, area and type

Up to 24 Custom Cost Categories

Our Rehab Cost Estimator has been built with 24 customizable cost categories

Up to 16 Custom Areas

Allocate your scope of work and cost estimates between 16 custom areas to cover all aspects of your project

Cost Breakdown by Type

The estimator lets you differentiate labor costs, cost of material and other costs

Estimate by categories
Detailed Rehab Cost Estimator

Detailed Cost Calculation

For each of the 260 work items, indicate the quantity, unit and unit price associated with Labor, Material and other costs

The spreadsheet will automatically calculate the total by work item as well as a grand total for each category

Easy Activation Toggle

Use a toggle to easily activate or deactivate any cost from your database depending on your active project

Custom Units

Add up to 14 custom measurement units based on your project requirements


More Parameters Available

The Spreadsheet makes it easy to assign each work item to a particular individual, as well as indicate which contractor will be providing the labor or material

Work Area

Assign each work item to a specific area to better assess your rehab project

Individual Assignment

Keep track of who’s responsible for each work item by assigning them to a specific individual

Supplier / Contractor

Each work item can also be associated with a supplier / contractor in charge of that task

Additional Rehab Details

Rehab Cost Estimate Report

Easily print and share a professional report of your rehab costs,  fully detailed or summarized by category

Cost Summary by Category

Quickly identify which categories weight the most on your rehab project

Cost Summary by Area & Type

See how your rehab estimate is allocated between the different areas of your project

Full Cost Breakdown

The report also includes the full list of work items identified from your rehab cost database


Category by Area Matrix

Understand how your rehab costs are allocated between categories and areas in one unique report

Wondering how much you plan on spending on plumbing for Bathroom #2? This report will tell you right away


Actuals by Category

In addition to a full Rehab Cost Estimator, our spreadsheet also includes an expense tracking tool to manage actuals

Dynamic Table

Easily select the categories and sub categories you wish to display in the table with custom menus

Get our Rehab Cost Estimator Spreadsheet

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